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Gas Public Awareness

Gas Distribution Public Awareness Plan

Public Awareness Policy

Our goal is to provide safe, reliable gas service to our customers and ensure the safety of those living and/or working near our gas pipelines.  Public awareness is a critical component of our overall safety program. Every empllyee of the City of Preston is committed to fulfilling our public awareness responsibilities as described in the Public Awareness Program.  City of Preson management is committed to provide the resources necessary to accomplish this goal. 


To educate our customers how to recognize the odor of natural gas and how to respond if they detect possible gas odors.  Early recognition of a gas odor and proper response can save lives. (see more here.) 



We get our natural gas from Northern Natural Gas Company, a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway Energy based in Omaha, Nebraska, which has been in business since 1930.

Natural Gas ProviderNorthern Logo

Northern owns and operates the largest interstate natural gas pipeline system in the United States. Northern's pipeline system stretches across 11 states, from the Permian Basin in Texas to Michigan's Upper Peninsula, providing access to five of the major natural gas supply regions in North America.

Northern provides natural gas transportation and storage services to 81 utilities and numerous producers, energy marketing companies and industrial end users.

Northern delivers supply to geographically dispersed markets located every major Mid-Continent basin, as well as the Rocky Mountain and Western Canadian basins. Northern connects to virtually all major interstate and intrastate pipelines in the field area and this gas is ultimately delivered to end-use customers located in Minnesota, Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota, Wisconsin, Illinois and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. They provide cross-haul and grid transportation between other interstate and intrastate pipelines in the Permian, Anadarko, Hugoton and Midwest areas. Northern also operates three natural gas storage facilities and two liquefied natural gas peaking units. The capacity in these storage facilities is fully contracted and central to meeting our customers' peak-day system requirements.


In 2016, Northern Natural Gas earned the Double Platinum Award of Honor with Distinction from the Greater Omaha Chapter of the National Safety Council in recognition of 27 years of superior safety and health programs and accomplishments.


Natural Gas Energy ManagementClayton Energy Logo

Our natural gas purchasing and storage management is done by Clayton Energy out of Wahoo NE. 

Clayton Energy is a full service energy supplier and consultant for municipal utilities.

Clayton Energy provides complete energy services, from production to market. Included among the wide array of energy management and consulting services for pipeline gas are:

  • Supply Portfolio Management
  • Transportation and Storage Optimization
  • Business Services "Behind the City Gate"
  • Energy Management Consulting

Clayton Energy also offers accounting, risk management, gas storage, capacity management, monthly PGAs, educational training, regulatory issues and much more. They offer targeted energy management services and expert consulting based on a foundation of industry expertise, personalized service and a continuing commitment to helping our customers succeed.